100 Happy Days 2015 · Hobbies and interests

Day 21 of 100 Happy Days- Claymodelling

Happiness is trying something new

Jay dropped me an hour before the class as he had some call – which means I could help the teacher to set up the activities for the day. The moment she said clay, I was excited. Clay modeling was something which I never tried. I helped her with taking out the clay from big containers and moulding it to a big ball. I was all messy even before we started the class. This is something  I love with the art class. I come home messy everyday. I will have paint or soap or glitters or clay on my hands, my dress and sometimes on the face too.. 😝 Each class is super fun. Not only you do a variety of activities which perhaps you would never have done otherwise, but also you get to see the art work of other students created using the same materials. Since it is Diwali spirit all in the air, most of the Indians made diyas. I wanted to do try something different. So I decided to make a snowman. When I brought home my snowman, Jay said it looks more like a Halloween ghost. 👿 He then went on and said, can’t blame you.. Its that part of the year where we are half way between Halloween and Christmas. 😡 What happened next is history.

Anyways, I loved my cross-between-snowman n Halloween 😉

Here are a few from my classmates..

Soo creative people..


What say you?

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