100 Happy Days 2015 · Me and Jay times

Day 20 of 100 Happy Days- The weekend 

Happiness is a weekend spent at home.

So this weekend was spent at home only doing nothing much. Woke up late on Saturday. Tried Bengali style fish curry with a fish which had not tried before. It was Jay who insisted to prepare fish curry with mustard oil. I was sure I am gona have rice with curd and pappadam that day. I don’t like the smell of mustard oil. But once the dish was ready, I loved it too.. Evening we went for badminton.

Sunday we got up early. Had plans for movie and shopping. But the cozy weather did not let us step outside. A friend came over and we were chatting chatting chatting til afternoon. This is the first weekend in ages where we go for badminton on both days. Made poori masala for dinner. A friend also joined us.

On most of the weekends, we go somewhere- movies, short trips, eating out or so. It was nice to snuggle up 😊


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