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Day 15 of 100 Happy Days – An evening with friends..

Happiness is cooking for friends.

Not sure.. If this is gona be a happy post or a sad one.

One of my close friends, A is moving to India today for good. Her husband is Jay’s colleague. We live in the same community. Her 4 year old daughter must have spent more time at my place than her own home, in the last 6 months of their stay here. They were our family here. The decision to move back to India was quick. It came with a shock for me. My immediate reply was, you kidding? Whenever I think of Jay and me leaving this country, the picture I had in my mind was,  the get together at her place on the night before we leave and A and her family seeing us off at the airport. But now, its all opposite. We are seeing her off. A’s husband will be here in our community til their lease expire in December. Then he too will move to a shared accomodation somewhere near his office. Moving back to India is the right thing to do for her now for a couple of reasons.

My initial impression of A was not very good. We took our time to become close. Yes, I never had a good impression initially about any of the people, who became my close friends later on. Our first meeting was quite funny actually. She landed on a Sunday evening. Having landed in the country one month before her, I thought of being a good host 😉. I have met her husband just once or twice by then and has hardly talked. Jay passed him the message not to cook anything for dinner that day. I cooked chapathy and sabzi and sent it with Jay as I thought a night after 24 hours flight journey with a 4 year old was not a good time to meet her for the first time. She was taking bath or so then. Jay also didn’t meet her. Next day, Monday, Jay left for office and I thought of visiting her. I was on my way to grocery shop and I decided to drop in and say Hi. I went and knocked her door. Til I knocked, I could hear their daughter’s sound. With the first knock, she was silent. Nobody opened the door. I gave a second knock. Still no response. ( The houses on the first floor doesnt have a window to the entrance and has no peephole. So you hardly know who is standing outside the door.) I was not knowing her name, to call out. And I was not sure if she knew my name. I didn’t have her husband’s number. I called Jay, to ask him to ask his friend to call A and ask her to open the door. How complicated, eh? 😯 No, it was not very complicated – Jay didnt pick the call only, as usual. The good host was in an embarassing situation. I went on to my grocery shoppping. 😁 Hours later, Jay called back and I told how the good host was standing infront of the closed door. The story went from my house to Jay’s cabin and then from there to A’s hubby’s cabin and from there to A’s house.  😌 In another 10 minutes, I got A’s call. She being new to the place was feeling nervous when she got a knock on her door, in a couple of hours after her husband left for office and she was asked by her husband to be careful. She apologised profusely.There! I removed my good host cloak and decided to be normal. :/ That night, they all came home to meet me 😀 I still pull her leg telling she didn’t open the door purposley on that day.

Then I took her around the town – to the library, to the Indian stores, to the children’s park, to the DMV office and we were friends. Then it was all about picnics, late night dinners, hot chai and pakoda evenings, pool trips, movies, birthday parties, festivals, potlucks and so on.. We went to the pool together in summer. Her friends became mine too. And my friends in the community became hers too. We celebrated Onam and Halloween together. For Ganesh Chathurthi and Janmashtami, me and Jay were travelling. But she made sure that our share of sweets were reserved for us. We went picnicking to Del Valle Lake, Vasona lake County Park, Pumpkin patch apart from the numerous get togethers we had at each other’s place. I am yet to write about our Las Vegas trip here.

We had a get together yesterday evening. Her cousin’s family also joined us. As I had mentioned in my previous post, we three families were like made for each other. I am happy that I could cook for everybody all myself. This is the first time I am cooking for such a large group, apart from one or two didhes I prepare for our potlucks. She was the one connecting and entertaining everybody. Even when she left my house at 11.30 yesterday, I couldn’t beleive she is gona fly out of the country in another 12 hours of time..

Dear A, As I told you a hundred times by now, I miss you and your little one already. It was wonderful knowing you. Your’s is the only family my not-very-social-husband was comfortable with. You go making a vaccum here. You were our family here and your house was our second home. More than me, Jay is gona miss you. You were always there to support him whenever I make fun of him. You are his only female friend. I am happy that you have taken the right decision at the right time.See you soon in Banglore. We can have lots of fun there also. take care. Love you.

Edited to add: Having said all these, I cried buckets as she sat in the car and waved bye.. I cried again after coming home n again when Jay came. Now Jay went and met her hubby. Seems she was also crying. And I cried again.


7 thoughts on “Day 15 of 100 Happy Days – An evening with friends..

  1. Hugs dear! I find it too difficult to part with anybody too. I do take up my time to make friends, but I really cant stand missing them. So I do understand how you must be feeling. Big hugs.

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