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Day 10 of 100 Happy Days – Trip to the college

I love photography. I click a lot of pictures wherever I go.

I had to go to college for an orientation this Monday. It was from 12.30 to 1.30. Since my classes are in the late evenings, Jay drops me and picks me up. It will only take 20 minutes if you go by car. But there is no direct bus. That too the bus will take a longer route. It takes minimum one hour if you commute by bus. I have never gone this far in bus here. Also changing bus, going in a route which I am not familiar with, odd timing – Jay was not okay with that. Still I somehow gave him confidence and promised that I will immediately call him in case of any issues. I was excited. Everything went fine. All thanks to Google Maps. It took me to the correct bus stop and I didn’t have any issues figuring out the bus or the bus stop or the route.

Sharing some of the pics, I clicked in my phone on what I saw on the way.







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