100 Happy Days 2015 · Celebrations · USA

Day 9 of 100 Happy Days – Hallowen 

Happiness is halloween.

IMG_4452 IMG_4454

And yes.. Yesterday was the Halloween party at Jay’s office. My first Halloween party ever. It was actually a costume party, though I was not in a Halloween costume. It was a well planned and well arranged one. Majority of the families were in costume. It was a pleasure watching the kids dressed up as Superman, Spiderman, Elsa, Batman, Witch guard, lion, monkey, cute witch, pink princess and so on.. The cookie, jello, juices, cupcakes, chips were all in the Halloween theme.


There was a haunted house – almost all the kids came out crying. Yes.. I also got scared- just when I thought oh.. this scary house is not so scary , one guy in skeleton costume came from nowhere and said Boooo.. That was unexpected..IMG_4449IMG_4460

Then there was a Magic show for half an hour. I also sat down with the kids right infront of the stage and enjoyed the show.

Then came the Employee costume contest for three categories – Scariest, most original and the funniest. And the winners were chosen by shout out.. And these are the guys who stole the show..



It was a great evening.. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 9 of 100 Happy Days – Hallowen 

    1. Everything is getting commercialized.. Who have heard of Valentines’ day, Mother’s day, Fathers ‘ Day and all til a couple of years back..

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