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Day 8 of 100 Happy Days – The cricket story

Happiness is being silly with each other

I have written about the ‘sports challenged’ me here. (Thanks again GB for this word). We emptied the dicky of our car when we took it for an interior wash last day. Which means all the shopping bags, badminton rackets, shuttlecock holders / packets etc etc came home and was dumbed in the living room itself. The shuttlecock holder was tall and cylindrical and resembled the cricket stumps. We have a squeeze ball at home, which Jay use to throw at the wall and catch. Or he will come running from bedroom til the door and will try different balling styles from there. Yes, that is how he kills boredom.

One day, I casually mimicked this act of his and not to say, both of us had a good laugh. Then he asked me to try hitting the shuttlecock holder with the ball from a distance. Since I am super efficient in aiming and hitting something, we had another set of laugh. 😁 Then he said, he would try shielding the ‘stump’ with another shuttlecock holder. And this is how cricket came home. 😀

We do this on some days now and will end up laughing til our stomach ache. I just cant control the directions. I hit everywhere except where it is supposed to hit. Or at other times, he will be able to hit the ball and shoo it away. Sigh! Such complicated games you know..

I dont know if this act can even be called by ‘cricket’. But who cares. We are having lots of fun.

For the records, here is our stump, ball and bat:



2 thoughts on “Day 8 of 100 Happy Days – The cricket story

  1. Hehe Atleast Jay has a squeeze ball in his hand for mimicking the bowling. S does it with empty hands – both the bowling as well as batting 😀 I have a good laugh looking at the various styles he tries! Hehe believe me its cricket what you guys are playing 😀 As long as there is one stick and one somewhat bat and a ball, its cricket 😀

    1. I know i know.. 😀 😀 That was the case until he got the ball. He still hits his imaginary ball with his imaginary bat.. 😀 Cricket is something which is there in the blood of every Indian boy I guess 😉

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