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Day 7 of 100 Happy Days – Vasona lake county park

Happiness is going out on a picnic.

The company which I worked for was a medium sized one – with 100 staff scattered in 25 branches. I was posted in the Head Office and we were just 5-8 people. And the one where I did training was even smaller. So I was never part of a big organisation – which also means that I was never a part of team lunch, team outings, big birthday parties and all other perks that come along. But ofcourse, I had gained so much by being a big fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond – the opportunity to handle multiple departments being the most important one among them. In one year of my career, I had laid my hands on almost everything in our company except sales – Administration, finance, HR, legal, operations and a bit of IT too – from convening Board and shareholders meeting to fixing minor issues with the printer – I feel extremely lucky to have started my career with small company. As mentioned before, I was well aware of what I have been missing from my friends working in MNCs and now from Jay.

I was on Cloud 9 when Jay mentioned that their manager is planning for a family picnic. I kept checking with him id there are any updates, every other day. And here we go – on a pleasant, cool, windy Saturday to Vasona Lake County Park. It is a beautiful place to watch autumn colours. Vasona Park has a 45 acres of lawn which can be used for informal play such as frisbee tossing, softball or soccer. There are several picnic areas available. Paddle boats and row boats are available for rental. The lake also offers fishing for Black Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Blue Gill.

I could meet many of his colleagues whom I have only heard of. I made some new friends too.  It was a fun filled Saturday, with lot of games, laughter and yummy yummy food. And yes, I was a winner of the lucky draw and Jay was the winner of a game. I got a gift card of Subway and he got some chocolates. I was happy to be a part of the picnic. We couldn’t cover the whole of the park as we had some other engagements late evening.

Here are a few pics:









Looking forward for the Halloween party on Wednesday now.


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