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Day 5 of 100 Happy Days – Painting of a pre-schooler

The assignment for next week is Observation of Easel Painting, wherein we have to observe a pre-schooler doing easel painting and make a write-up on that. When the professor explained the assignment, the first thing she said was all kids will not be willing to give away their painting. So first convince the kid. And ask the kid to make two paintings. One for the kid and one for you. Otherwise they will not give.

One of my classmates, who herself is a pre-school teacher scared me even more. She said, she had asked a few of her children. But nobody was ready to give away their priced artwork.

Obviously natural!

I have an enthusiastic 3 year old pre-schooler in my neighbourhood. I talked to him about my assignment and asked if he can make a painting for me. He was more than happy to do that. So was his mother. I brought a big chart paper and sticked it to the easel. He was offered paint and brush. He said he will make a purple fish for me and started gliding his brush in the middle of the paper. He went on and on and making vertical and horizontal strokes. He tried different colors. He made deliberate dips. One colour was dripping. He watched the paint sliding down the paper eagerly. It was fun watching him.. 🙂

And for those of you who wana see the painting, this is what he did for me. Thank you dear.. You are a sunshine.. 🙂


By the way.. Can you spot the fish?


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