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Day 4 of 100 Happy Days – Jalebi


I have this aunty in the opposite apartments, who lives with her husband, son, daughter in law, daughter and grandchildren. She looks older than my mom – a very pleasant and loveable person. She hardly comes out of the house. We exchanged smiles a few times before our first conversation. She speaks hindi, but can understand English. I can understand little bit of Hindi, but cant speak. So I talk to her in English. Her DIL delivered a baby girl two months back. We must have talked barely 4-5 times in this 6 months – that too kaise ho betta or how is the baby kind of talks.

***self praising alert. Please skip this para if you can’t stand it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ ***

My MIL speaks Hindi. They have met once when MIL was here. Then she told MIL that I am very sweet and pleasant. I smile at her always and this makes her happy. You are lucky to get such a positive girl as your DIL.

***end of self praising***

Me and Jay had an argument late evening the other day, on who will go to dispose the kitchen garbage and I won. coolHe went out. (Yes, we do fight on such international issues mrgreen) Then somebody knocked on my door. I thought it could be none other than Jay. The door was not locked and he could just open and walk in. So I didn’t bother to open and welcome him home. πŸ‘Ώ But the knock went on. Then I went and checked. It was not Jay. It was this aunty standing outside my door in the autumn chill with a box in her hand. I apologised for not opening the door. She handed over me the box and said she made jalebis for her DIL and thought I too will like it. I didnt know what to say. We are not that close to exchange special dishes and all. I thanked her profoundly. So sweeet of her. ❀ The other day only me and Jay discussed about how we miss eating laddus, jilebis and all. And here, it was a box full of yummy, crispy, juicy, home made, hot-hot jilebis.

Only when I took out the last piece did I realise that we did not click a picture. And here is it.



7 thoughts on “Day 4 of 100 Happy Days – Jalebi

  1. Hey!! That’s so kind on her part and heart warming. This is kindness to me..mouth watering jalebi..someone bought choco croissant for me in the coffee shop:)
    haha!! Fighting over international issues::)

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