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Day 3 of 100 Happy Days – Lavang Latika

One of the perks of marrying a North brought up South Indian foodie husband was the opening to the world of many different varieties of dishes, which I haven’t even heard of. Rotis had only a guest role in my house, say once in 2 months or so. We prefer having rice / usual South Indian breakfast and dinner items. Post marriage, rotis took the lead role. Jay prefer rice only if some non-veg side dishes too are prepared. We buy non-veg only on weekends, which means rice took a back seat. I like rice varieties. So I prepare tomato rice or curd rice or coconut rice or lemon rice or something for lunch, just for myself when no other leftovers are there from breakfast or previous day’s dinner. Jay took me to a world of parathas – aloo paratha and methi paratha were the only paratha varieties I have had. Now I cook aloo paratha, gobi paratha, mixed vegetable paratha, plain paratha, methi paratha, palak paratha, cheeni paratha, sathu paratha, egg paratha and so on. Not to say, initially I had a tough time making the rotis every morning for his lunch box. My rotis used to be hard. I have spent hours researching how to make soft rotis. Every other person I met was asked this question. 😉 And all the North Indian curry varieties.. He himself will Google and come up with recipes for the day. All thanks to the food blogs. Its because of you that we survive today.

On weekends, we prepare a full on South Indian style meals for lunch and dinner, except on days that we eat out, thus compensating for the entire week.

Day before yesterday, on a phoning session to ILs, MIL said she is going to prepare Lavang Latika. I was like what??? I haven’t even heard of it. Latika is a common Malayali female’s name. Oh, is there a dish in that name? I had to laugh at my ignorance. He immediately Googled and showed me a pic. He said he feel like having it. I looked for the recipe. It is not a very easy recipe – atleast not for the lazy ones like me. First mava has to be prepared, then the dough, then the stuffing, then deep frying them, then soaking in sugar syrup. Oh no.. Not my cup of tea. I said you can have it once we are back in India and we went to bed. Yesterday, I had nothing much to do. With all the Diwali and Dussehra celebrations in air, every other food blog publishes the recipes of sweets. So I thought why not give a chance to the not-heard-of-or-tasted Lavng Latika. I zeroed down to Jeyashri’s recipe. I came to know that it is a popular Bengali sweet. I spent almost the whole day in the kitchen and finally completed everything just a couple of minutes before Jay was home. He was sooo soo soo surprised. And his immediate response after the first bite was Yummmmmm. I was more than happy. Jay, being Jay, gives correct feedback about the food – atleast my cooking. I was on cloud nine getting such a response about something which I am preparing for the first time – that too something which I heard of only on the previous day.

Here are the pics before and after frying.

And about the dish – maida, deep frying, soaking in sugar syrup – not my choice. May be once in a while I can have one piece at the max.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 of 100 Happy Days – Lavang Latika

    1. Even I was not aware of it GB.. Toooo many sweets n tooo short life to try out everything la 😜
      Another variation of this is filling grated coconut inside. Try once for ur sweet tooth. Bt its not our kind of recipe GB – Deep fried.

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