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Day 2 of 100 Happy Days – Jay cooks

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Before marriage, Jay never cooked much. He had always had hotel food ever since he got his job and moved out of home. He had a foodie friend as flat-mate in Hyderabad. He has told me stories of their food hunt. At Banglore, his one gas cylinder ran for a year and a half. So just imagine how much he has cooked. Moving to US, he had the luxury of his flat-mates being an awsome cook. On weekends, they indulge. Jay never went anywhere near the kitchen. In short,he has not even made an omelette for himself.

After marriage, I took up the kitchen. But I have not even heard of most of his favorite dishes. The North Indian- South Indian conflict you know. He has introduced me to a variety of North Indian dishes. He helps me in kitchen now. He prepares awsome buttermilk, cooks chapathis while I roll them out, makes potato fry and egg curry, cooks rice, re-heats leftovers, pack his lunch box etc.. I should admit that this guy has more sense about the quantity of salt and spice powders that should go to a dish than me, who cooks everyday since marriage. 😦

Yesterday night, he made lassi for me. We are trying lassi for the first time here, since both of us are buttermilk fans. It was yummy. Its nice to sit on the dining chair and watch my boy cooking and serving me on the table.

Here is a pic for the Memorabilia..


5 thoughts on “Day 2 of 100 Happy Days – Jay cooks

    1. Even we are no good in the kitchen. Given an option, we would not be seen anywhere in 5km radius of the kitchen. 😀 We both are too lazy, you know. 😉 Cooking has become a survival skill for everybody now.

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