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I love kids. The love for kids got doubled when my sister’s elder one was born. Me and my niece share a very special bond. She is 5 now, started school. And last year second one was born. Another girl baby. I am having a great time with both of them. I miss them terribly. Staying in an altogether different timezone, I miss catching them up on Skype also at times. By the time  I complete cooking and morning stuff, they must have slept. With my sister also started working now, its scary to call them on mornings. 😉 Sigh! I wana go back to India. We do catch up on weekends though.

Oh I am drifting away from what I wanted to post. In our friends circle, we are the only ones who are just married. Most of them have a toddler or two. And in the very first meeting with the kids itself, I was attached to them. One baby even started crying looking at me and calling amma. Seeing this bond, one of our friends suggested me to start a Day care here. I laughed it off. Then again a couple of people suggested to take up pre school teaching. Coming from a teacher family, I always had my heart for teaching. I had won the Best Student – Teacher award on a Teachers’ Day, where we all dressed up as teachers and taught our juniors.

Meanwhile I was thinking of studying something from my area itself. Nothing actually worked out. Then suddenly I thought, why not give a hand at preschoolers? I love kids. I love art. I love teaching. So why not think of that line? Pre-school teaching. Got some pointers from a friend. And yes! I joined college again. The course I took up is ‘Creative Art for the young child’. Last Friday was the first class. Classes are on Fridays 6.30 – 9.30 PM. First day was fun. There are people from all parts of the world – Asians, Africans, Americans.. 🙂

The class just started by the time I reached. Ma’m had started the intro. I stood at the door waiting for her to look at me, to take permission to get into the class. I didnt know why everybody were looking at me. When she finally looked, I  asked her ‘excuse me Ma’m, may I come in’. She said, ‘Of course, please come in. Its my pleasure to have you in my class today.’ I looked around. There were tables with 4-5 chairs around. I found a table in the last row. I settled down. And when I looked at the door, students were just walking in, without disturbing the teacher nor the students. Then I knew why everybody were looking at me when I stood at the door. I was laughing at myself then, thinking of the stupidity I had done.

The class room set up is completely different from what I am use to. Some students  are checking FB when the teacher is talking. Some are on Whatsapp. Some are having burger. Some are on their coffee. Some are side talking. The first 15 minutes I was observing whats going on. There is no compulsion to maintain pin drop silence in the class and pay her a close attention. We are free to do whatever we want – as far as it doesnt disturb others.

The teacher gave an outline about the course, gave us a couple of activities and time just flew. One thing I liked about the style of teaching she follows is this: She gave an outline of the activity. All the essential supplies was in the class. She gave us enough time. In fact, from what we said, we didn’t understand what to do and what not to do. For all the further questions asked on this, her answer was, ‘Your wish, people’. At the end, she told us why. When we give too many instructions / show a model, we try to follow/ copy that. Instead, she wanted us to be creative, to be imaginative. This is what has to be followed when we take up teaching as well. Don’t give an adult made model. Give them materials. Give them the time. Give them freedom to experiment, to make mistakes, to re-make if THE KID is not satisfied. I pretty liked that concept.

And once the activities were done, teacher said, ‘I love mess, but please up after yourself’. Immediately everybody cleaned up their tables, the mess on the floor, and all the leftover materials went right to their boxes. I was smiling all through the class. I loved the ideas which are followed in the colleges here.

Looking forward for the next class now.


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