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Preeti Shenoy’s blog was one among the first blogs I followed. I loved her posts and started reading her books. I loved her books too. I read more about her and waited for her next book. Its from her blog / FB page that I first came to know about the art of quilling. I like it instatntly. I started watching tutorial videos, but never got access to quilling tools or papers. On my next visit to Hyderabad, my BIL took me to an art supply shop and there, I could find the basic things required. I was squealing in joy.  I gave it a try the moment we reached back. (The pic of my first quilled card will be posted once I am back in India. I cant find it in my hard disc 😦 – A note to myself.) Then I came to know of the shops selling quilling goodies in Kerala also, bought a few online and started quilling occassionally. But I was too lazy to quill a complete picture or a card. I quill a flower or two. For all the birthdays and the anniversaries of my loved ones that followed, it was an unwritten rule to compulsory gift a quilled card, though I am not into gifting cards and all that.

Fast forward to 2015. Moving to US, I could find a lot of time to pursue whatever I am interested in. Also, there are many craft stores near by, which makes it easy to pick up the materials. I kept quilling flowers whenever I was in a mood to indulge.

And some of them are:





 And my husband kept pushing me to do something other than flowers. Something big enough to get it framed. And I did this:

Planning to get this framed now πŸ™‚

PS: All except the peacock were done in the initial days after moving to US. We had literally nothing in the house. Pardon the poor background. 


3 thoughts on “Quilling

  1. Beautiful. So beautiful Jo πŸ™‚ Love every single picture – dont bother about the background and stuff – its your art work and the passion behind it that matters πŸ™‚

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