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San Diego

San Diego is approximately 120 miles south of Los Angeles, but we couldn’t cover it with LA trip as Jay was running short of leaves. Sept 7th was US labour day, which means its a long weekend. Jay took two days off and we drove to San Diego on Thursday morning. We drove 10 minutes and suddenly I had a doubt whether I have kept a particular thing in the suitcase. I asked Jay. even he was not sure. he started shouting at me for being careless (as usual). Although both of us were damn sure that nothing was left on the bed, Jay insisted to go back. We couldn’t pull over the car to the shoulders since it was a super crowded peak hour. We took another half an hour to complete the otherwise-10 minutes-drive-distance to home, only to see that the one we came searching for is peacefully sitting in the suitcase. This made Jay all the more angry and even said we would cancel the trip and go back. He become so frustrated to see me all careless. I am an easy go lucky person. He is well organised and a discliplined person. :/  This is how we started our 5 day long vaccation 😐

We took almost 12 hours to reach San Diego. Next day we went to Seaworld. We reached the park by 9 itself, so it was not very crowded.It was feeding time for sealions and we could watch it. Next we went to Dolphin point. Trainers were doing tricks on dolphins and it was fun to watch. We then covered Aquaria, the wolrd of fishes. We loved Killer Whale show, Dolphin Show, Sea Lion show, Polar bear exhibit, feeding Sea Lions, Journey to Atlantis. We had so much fun seeing sea animals, getting on rides and the shows were the highlight of the day.

IMG_0962 IMG_1011 IMG_1066 IMG_1107 IMG_1119 IMG_1175

Second day, we vivisted San Diego Zoo safari Park, 32 miles away from the city. We first took the African tram tour, which comes free with the ticket. Since it was early morning, we could see a lot of animals. It was soooo hot and walking was really a hectic task. But still we covered everything. We didnt take any special safari. We could see Cheetah rnu.



Our last day in San Diego was spent in San Diego Zoo. It’s huge and so much to see. Amazing animals and spectacular horticulture are abundant in this lovely zoo. The animal enclosures are large and the keepers are great! The baby hippo was adorable but still a very large animal, you can watch them underwater through a glass. Beautiful landscaping and terrain. You get to see a large number of species living in an environment most like their home in the wild. All exhibits are clean and well organized. Animals are well taken care of.  Giraffes, zebras, lions, tiger, cheetah, polar bears, hippos, gorillas, reindeers, ducks, flamingos, eagles, panda, orangutans, snakes, turtles, elephant, tortoise, koala bears, otter – u name it and they are there.

IMG_1548 IMG_1483 IMG_1567 IMG_1624 IMG_1643 IMG_1652 IMG_1675 IMG_1777

Both Safari Park and Zoo is all about conservation, conservation and more conservation. It’s dangerous to note that many of the species are extinct, and many are in the verge of extinction. We share this planet with 8.7 million Other species of plants and animals. With the increasing population and its demands, the wildlife is being pushed to smaller and smaller areas. Let us learn to live and let live. Let us take a pledge to respect and protect the world’s wildlife.


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