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Married for 6 months

*** Looongggg post ahead. Continue at your own risk****

Dear Jay

Its August already. Time just flies. Its hard to believe that 6 months have already passed since we became Mr. & Mrs.

You reached the hotel on the day before the wedding itself. We had a function that day on the girl’s side. After the function, I was eagerly waiting for you to reach. I thought of having dinner with you and didnt join my cousins when they had theirs. Somebody told me you have come and have occupied the room. I was waiting, waiting. but you never came. Atlast, I myself came and knocked at your door. You were too shy to look at me. 😉 You came to the hall and had dinner with your mom, sis and BIL. You did not even check with me whether I had mine. 👿 By then, the laughter chain started on my cousin’s side. Not to say, they made fun of me. I felt like vanishing at that very moment. 😉

Later I checked with you if you are coming out as we, cousins were going to railway station to pick a cousin. You were shy again and said no, I am soooo tired. Got to sleep. gggrrrrrrrrrr

On the wedding day, you did not bother to make a visit to the temple, for you were too busy with wearing the mundu. Didn’t I tell you to practice this before? When everybody went to receive the groom, I was left alone in the make up room with a few friends and cousins. When I heard the sound of Nadaswaram nearing, I was all tensed and told them, ayyooo I dont wana get married now. 😀 When I entered the mandap, I was looking at you and smiling. But you never looked at me. You were in your own world, thinking of how to manage the mundu without falling off. 😉

The wedding rituals began. The priest started chanting mantras.You were not able to follow his instructions as he was speaking in pure malayalam. I had to repeat everything again for you. It was time to tie the mangalsutra. I told you to just take it around my neck to the back, as its the sister in law who has to tie the knot. But you were not ready to leave it and she had to literally snatch it away from your hands. 🙂 Then the priest gave you sindoor and asked you to apply. You applied it upside down, starting from the middle of the partition to the forehead and everybody laughed. You were all cluless all through the function. We still laugh watching our wedding video.

When MIL welcomed me to your house by handing over the lighted lamp, you were not seen anywhere in the vicinity. And we fight even today on this. First night was another big comedy. Okay okay, finger on lips. I have promised that I wont speak it out. mrgreen

We had reception at your place on the next day. We visited Guruvayur temple, your kula daivam and your dad’s place on the following day. Next day was a day off for us. 😉 We spent the day at home. Evening, your amma took us to a temple and you were too shy to hold my hand. You immediately left it whenever she turned around.

Next day we went to my place. We both went in train (our first train trip) while the rest went in car. You were afraid you will vomit due to motion sickness, like the way it happened when you came to see me for the first time. I was dressed in a marron pattu saree and wore my shining brand new mangalsutra. But still you felt I was overdressed. So you made me sit on a bench in the Palakkad railway station and chose to stand 50 feets away. That day evening, we had the reception at my place.

Next day, we left for Bangalore for my Visa documentation. First we visited SRL Diagnostics, to give my Mantoux test. Eight months in US. And you had forgotten the ATM PIN and had lost the Banglore SIM. We picked your passport and headed to Airtel showroom. Getting a duplicate SIM was a big task for you did not have a proper address proof. Your passport carried the address of your engineering college hostel, which you left 8 years back. The voters id was taken at your native and had that address. We somehow convinced that guy and got the duplicate sim. Next was Mission Citibank. We called them up and placed the request for new PIN.

We collected the Mantoux result next day and went to your  office to submit the documents. The first thing he asked was for my passport. You cooly opened your bag and started searching. Gosh! There was no passport. 🙄 We have missed it at home. Luckily, I had it clicked in my phone and that guy was okay with it. (We dropped in again on the next day to handover it) Yes! We had done that. We had gone to apply Visa without bringing my passport. Eeeeee. You were to fly back to US on Feb 14th late night. We had to be in Banglore til Feb 13th. We met your team on that day and they congratulated the newly weds. And remember one of your colleagues asked, Hey Jay, what plans for tomorrow? You casually answered, ‘oh tomorrow? Packing only re’. You had no clue why everybody laughed cos you forgot that what they asked was about valentines Day.  lol

Our one week stay in Banglore also included my first dish for you and your first dish for me. You flew on Feb 14th late night from Kochi airport. I got my Visa formalities done and joined you on March 9th. Luckily, I wasnt jetlagged much. Since ML also came with me, she took care of the cooking part during her stay with us. I slowly settled down and adapted to the completely different atmosphere of US.You wanted me to be independent from the very beginning. You made me do things on my own – be it ordering food in a restaurant or getting things billed in supermarket or communicating with the leasing office and so on. I was a bit hesitant initially, cos I couldn’t follow the US accent. But you never considered that as an excuse. You always pushed me for everything. 🙂 You taught me to use the dishwasher, the oven, the washer and dryer. You handed over me an add-on credit card and some dollars in cash. You bought me a smartphone. (You actually cheated me. You took me to the store  telling you wana change your SIM to post paid, but actually the intention was to get a phone. i could hardly understand what you and the salesgirl spoke of.) I then started doing the grocery shopping alone. I started commuting by bus to the fish market to pick your favourite fish. I went to library on my own. I went to nearby places and did people watching. I went to DMV and wrote the Learners Licence test and cleared. All these are cos of the support and confidence you give me. Now you teach me driving and you want me to drive you soon. (Ahem.. That dream is a bit too much ok.) razz

The one year gap between our engagement and marriage were nothing but fights, fights and more fights. But once married and started staying together, I saw a man who was no similiar to the one I was talking on the phone for the last one year. (And you also say the same thing about me now :p) We started understanding each other better. We kinda accepted the things we cannot change. And boy, there were no major fights unlike before. Touchwood.

I am a pakka South Indian. You are a South Indian only by birth. You are more of a North Indian since you spent most part of your life in North. I like rice. You like Roti. I can read, write and speak Malayalam. I can read Hindi, I dont speak and can hardly understand. You can speak and hardly read Malayalam. You speak to your dad in Hindi, mom and son speak in Malayalam, brother and sister speak in Bhojpuri. eek I like Malayalam and Tamil movies. You like Hindi and English movies. I like romantic and family movies. You like action, horror and suspense thrillers. I like prawns – I can have it as starters, again for main course and even a side dish. You dislike prawns. I like travelling, exploring places etc. You prefer to stay at home and laze around. You are a cleanliness freak. I am a person who believe that a messy house is a happy house. mrgreen I am a late night person. You are a morning person, esp on weekends. Grrrr.. I like coffee and tea. You don’t have coffee and tea. I speak a lot. You speak only when it is very very essential. You are too much into sports, I am not.

Six months of bumping each other every single day…. I started to love rotis as much as you love rice. I kind of understand Hindi and Bhojpuri now. You have started to learn Malayalam alphabets.You watch Malayalam and Tamil movies with me. I watch English movies with you. You started liking prawns for your love to me. We have been on short and long trips on every possible weekends. I am learning to keep the house clean as far as possible. You stay awake on late nights on weekends for me. I have become a morning person, though I miss the luxuary of sleeping til noon even on weekends. 😦 I, being lazy to prepare coffee for just myself, have stopped having tea/coffee except the morning coffee. I leaned to make parathas. You have eaten all those shapeless and hard rotis and the tasteless sabzis I cooked initially with no complaints. I have spent hours googling, how to make soft rotis and is finally successful. I who hated leafy vegetables include them atleast once a week in our diet. You watch Made for Each Other with me. I watch Crime Patrol with you. We play badminton together now. You come with me for a walk.

Not bad eh?

We celebrated our birthdays in full josh. We have covered many beaches in West Coast – Big Sur, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica. We went picnicing to Mount Daiblo, Castaic lake and Del Valle lake. We shopped like crazy at Gilroy. We went boating at Shoreline Boulevard. We visited San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Monterey bay Aquarium. We went touristy at Google campus. We celebrated Vishu. We have laughed in abundance. We have had lots of fun. We watched almost all movies that got released in Towne3. We made new friends here. We tried n number of restruants. We prepared many new dishes at home.

Here’s to many more happy years. The best is yet to come.


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