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Part III of LA Trip – Universal Studios

Part I and Part II here

The last day in LA was spent in Universal Studios, Hollywood, know as The entertainment capital of LA.



The friends who had visited the Universal Studios, Hollywood before suggested us to reach there as early as possible and cover the rides in the lower lot. So we ran straight to the lower lot and the first attraction of the day was Transformers. This 3D thrill ride put you in the middle of a warzone. I shut my eyes and held the lap bar as tight as possible.


Next we went to Jurrasic park. This was my favourite ride of the Studios and wanted to do it again. But the wait time was so high. 😦 Its a water amusement ride where you are taken up high on the rails and suddenly to an 84-foot vertical drop waterfall.

IMG_7614IMG_7613IMG_7609IMG_7620After this ride, we were completely wet, and I mean completely wet from head to toe.

Mummy Roller Coaster went so fast backward and forward and I screamed out loud. It was set up in the dark and was thrilling.

Water World show

IMG_7515 IMG_7514



It was really really hot that day and they have little misting areas to keep us cool.

Studio Tour

They drove us through 3D King Kong and Fast and Furious show and then sets like the Desperate Housewives, the Jaws, Bates Motel, the plane crash set and you drive past cars that were used in different movies.

Special Effects Stage takes visitors through demonstrations of how movie special effects are created. We covered other attractions like Despicable Me, SimpsonsShrek 4D etc

It was a fun-filled vaccation and we made memories of a lifetime. Next day, we drove back home.


4 thoughts on “Part III of LA Trip – Universal Studios

    1. I had to.. It was not a choice.. 😉 I have never been to any theme parks so far. So I never knew if I would have the ‘courage’ to try the rides.. But we enjoyed 🙂

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