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Sports and games

…were never my thing. Being tall, the only event I participated in school Sports Day was long jump. Period.

One of my cousins, was very interested in sports and games. He used to shape out a cricket bat out of the stiff rib of the coconut leaves. He was fond of playing cricket in our courtyard. He used to ask us, cousins, to be the ballers, and he hit the ball hard. I was scared to stand anywhere in 1km radius when the ball is dashing in the air. So I ball and disappear until I am assured that it has safely landed without injuring anybody.

Then came, football. I faint at the sight of that giant ball. He used to compel me to play. And I did on the assurance that he would never hit hard. Once, while playing, he accidentally stamped my big toe and the nail was broken. I made all the possible drama.Oh boy, I got a VALID reason not to play now. And that was the end of the football thing.

In short, I am a person who is in no way interested in sports and games. I loveeeeeeeeee playing Scrabble. I also like Snake and Ladder, Ludo, card games etc. eeeeeeeee 😀

Years passed by. I got married to a man who LOVESSS sports. He plays cricket, football, tennis, badminton, bowling and keenly follows every match on TV. ESPN CricInfo app is his oxygen. He regularly played Tennis during his 2 years at North Carolina. Now, having moved to San Francisco, he joined a Badminton club and is regular. Then came his wife, who is “Sports Challenged” (Thanks GB for this word). He started pushing me to join him. I gave some reason or the other and pushed it off. Then came a day when he lost all his patience. We went to Sports Authority and bought a pair of shoes and a racquet for me.

The very next day he took me to a badminton Court. Me, who have never touched a racquet before had no clue on what to do. I stood with my mouth wide open seeing the members playing there. Kids who are hardly 6 or 7 years to men and women who are in their late 50s or 60s play there. All I can hear was the ‘ptaaakkk’ sound and next moment the shuttle will be flying high in the air. We book a court in a corner and my husband helped me with the basic shots. I was not able to follow anything initially. Then slowly I was able to hit a shot or two from him. Then a couple came to us and asked if we can play doubles. Remember this is my first day. And my husband instantly agreed without even giving me a glance. He went on to warn them that this is my first day and is not aware of the rules of the game. They said ok and we started playing. Not to say, I missed most of the shots. After playing for 2-3 minutes the lady on the other side was angry at me and she left the game in between and went. I felt so bad. After a month’s gap of wedding jingalala, that was the first day my husband started to play again. He sooo wanted to play doubles. But that lady was very arrogant at me. May be, she was not able to make out that I am thaaaaaaaat bad a player. 😉 We also left after sometime. This was my first day experience with badminton.

We were back after two days and then weekly thrice and now almost daily. He patiently explained how to handle the shots and I would do the same mistake again and again. He has lost his patience many a times. There were times when he raised his voice in court. I had cried a couple of times and had sworn never to play again. I had told him that I can never be a good partner for him and had asked to play with his friends. But the next day, I would be the first one to be ready with the racquet.
Three months into the game now and I can show off that I am improving. 😉 Now atleast, I don’t throw tantrums. I started taking things sportively. He encourages whenever I made a good shot. And when I score a point against him, he makes fun of me telling, oh girl, I think I will have to join badminton caoching now to beat you. 😀 😀 😀

I am very bad in remembering the scores and can never keep a track of them. I irritate him by asking ‘what is the score’ after each shot.

We play doubles with some other couples. He still compalains that I am lazy, that I wont move from my position and he has to cover the whole court. Who cares. 😉 😉 According to him, the only thing which I do correctly is picking up the shuttle whenever it fall down 😀

At the end of the day, we are having fun. We enjoy playing playing together. Who cares if we win or loose the match. 😀

Inspired by : Sports challenged by Green Boochi. Thanks GB.


7 thoughts on “Sports and games

    1. Welcome to the Club! 😀
      True.. We never know.. May you find something interesting sooon 🙂 And dont forget to put up a post on it 🙂

  1. Awww have fun playing badminton Jo 🙂 I am glad I inspired you to write about this 🙂 BTW what that lady did was too arrogant. In my case, S expected me to do well and was shell shocked to see that I would miss almost all my shots on day 1. For a person playing badminton for the first time in her life, there is not something as shot at all.. if I can hit it, thats more than what I can ask 😀 slowly, I am improving too and he is chilling as well.

    1. I never saw her after that. I learnt from my husband and his friends that she was a regular player in that court til then. I think she quit badminton as such after seeing my “unbeatable performance”.. lol 😀 😀 😀

      I think these boys were born to play games, they can manage anything. I keep asking him who taught you to play all these. He says all you need is interest.

      True.. If we are able to hit a shot by any chance, we feel like a celebrity. And if he misses one, I would show off for the next half an hour.. 🙂 🙂

      Keep playing and have fun.

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