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Life in US!!

And yes..

I got married and moved to US with my husband 🙂

Coming from a middle class family in South India, I lead a very very normal life. What happpens in my life right now all seems to be a dream..

It took me time to sync and settle down. Our rented apartment had a fridge, cooking range, oven, dishwasher and two heaters. And my husband had already bought a bed, minimum essentials like toilet papers, dishwashing liquid, toilet soap etc. I bought some oven compatible utensils, a kadai and a set of coffee mugs. Next day we went shopping to an Indian market. Like every other newbie, I kept converting the price in dollars to equivalent INR and said oh.. this much?? He told me not to compare the prices, as the standard of living and the cost involved cannot be compared with India. Almost everything is available in the Indian market. Just that they are expensive. We get very fresh fruits and vegetables here. We went for a walk later. He kept telling me what is what, and I kept asking questions. 😉

I understand that most people have their own car. Unless you live in a metro, car is a necessity here. Its so silent and serene everywhere. You will not hear the sound of honking, sudden brakes, no loudspeakers, no sound of washing clothes or utensils from the next compound, nothing.. so when my cooker whistles, I feel its roaring. 😀

As the driver seat is on the left hand side, unlike in India, when I sit on the right, I feel like I am sitting on the driver seat. Its a pleasant scene to watch the vehicles moving. They follow the traffic rules strictly and there are least violations. Everybody are afraid of the law. I understand that the punishments are prompt and severe here.

Measuring units are all different here – Miles instead of kilometers, fl oz instead of ml, gallons instead of litre,pound instead of kg… lot of maths in everyday life. I should have listened to my maths classes better.. sob sob.. 😦

People are all very courteous. Every person you pass by manage to look at you and smile, which gives us such a positive energy. People help each other. They love pets.

i started my cooking experiments. We joined a badminton club and plays on alternate days. 🙂

My little piece of advice to the ones who are moving to US with family:

1. Bring the minimum essential vessels, steel utensils are available in Indian stores, but they are very expensive.

2. Bring your own mixie from india, as the mixie we get here can only be used for cutting fruits and vegetables, or making juices. We cannot (fine) grind coconut or masalas in them.

Life is good..


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