A letter to my soul sister..

To my beloved

I always wanted to write a post about you. Each time I’ve tried to describe our relationship, I have fallen short for words that will do a fair job in portraying that very special bond we share. I really want to pour my heart out this time, as you are gona fly miles and miles away from me, back to your parents.. that too.. for 10 long months. Ever since we met, we have never stayed apart this long. I don’t know I should be happy or sad that you are leaving India for some time now. I am happy that you are going to stay with your parents. 🙂 I am happy that you will be there around your mom to take care of her medicines and stuff. 🙂 I am happy that you will have sometime for yourself, away from all those office tensions and studies. 🙂 But I am sad that I will miss you so badly, dearest. 😦

I still remember the day that I met you. Honestly, it was not the same day that I fell in love with you. Neither was yours, I know. 😉 My first impression of you was that you were just another NRI brat. I disliked your attitude, and so were you. Our relation was the one which took time to build. From I-don’t-like-you pair to acquaintance to friends to best friends to soul sisters. Over time, we have grown up so much.. so did our relation. 🙂

Remember we sit in our study hall in adjacent seats and pretend to study till everybody are asleep and start whispering our non-stop blah blahs in the lowest pitch possible. 😉 I think it was somewhere in between those conversations that you conquered my heart. 😀

Nearly 5 months together, then I had to leave.. You wanted to move too. We thought and thought and thought of many alternatives and finally worked out a brilliant plan. 😉 We alone know how we lived those days.. :p. And you too moved. Then we were in different towns. Then started our loooooongggg calls and longerrrrrr texts. I cleared my Inter and joined for training. You were preparing for yours. Our long phone calls left us with lot of energy. 🙂

You cleared your Inter and joined for training. You were not comfortable with your office and training. You were no more bubbly-chirppy. I was as disturbed as you were. I had never seen you as depressed as then. We decided to make another set of plans. We convinced your parents and decided to get transfer. With God’s grace, everything fell in place. We were in the same town again. Same hostel, same room and shared the same bunk bed. 😀

We had the best days of our life there. We enjoyed to the core. We laughed so hard that our tummies hurt. 🙂 Together we had had so much fun and is still having.. 🙂 Together we had made great bday surprise for our room mate.. 🙂 Together we had shopped.. 🙂 Together we had tasted all that came our way.. 🙂 Together we cleaned our room.. (I never knew cleaning can be this fun).. 🙂 Together we had gossiped about the people around in code languages which we both alone knows. 😉 We make fun of each other. We act like we are crack.

tumblr_ltttwnmFb41r5wbgqo1_500I always stayed away from theatres. Remember u and Geechu dragged me in to watch some English movie. But we didn’t get our tickets and had to settle for some 2 starred (or even less?) Malayalam movie. I, sitting in between both of you, was laughing throughout the movie for all the cheap comedy on screen whereas you guys wanted to run away even before the interval. mrgreen

I know that I don’t always show it, but I love you so much.

Even though you have a whole bed all yourself, you always loved messing my bed with your bag, files and laptop. 😛 And you just pretend to be a deaf when I yell at you to clear out. evil

Even though you have an IRCTC account all yours, you ALWAYS book your tickets through my account. You don’t even bother to change the mobile number to which the e-ticket will be sent. When you are about to board your train, u text me, Forward me my tickets AGAIN please.. 😡 And when I login to my account to book ticket for myself, they say, “You have reached the maximum number of bookings for this month”.   😡

Remember your murder attempts? 😉 Your bed is above mine on the bunk bed. You have the habit of dozing off as you read something. So you always have a couple of books on your bed, apart from your Bible and Income Tax Act, your second Bible. 😉 I always warn you not to pile the books and water bottles on your bed cos incase it fell down, my face will be disfigured. rolleyes We sleep everyday joking about the possibilities of your 1000+ pages books / water bottles falling down on my head while I am in deep sleep dreaming something romantic. :p And it did come true. Not once or twice. It became an everyday affair. But still you never bothered to stop piling things on your bed.. evil 🙂

How many times have we walked all the way from our office to hostel through M. G. Road, talking endlessly on everything from beauty creams to marriages to cookery, just to have some time together.. 🙂 🙂

You had a wound on your toe and we went to the nearby hospital to get it dressed. They took you to the casualty and gave u a TT injection and dressed it neatly. You came out with a white bundle on your toe finger. I bought your medicines and was in a hurry to take you back to your hostel. After half an hour, we got a call from the hospital that we haven’t paid the consultation and casuality charges. LOL 😀

laughing_with_your_best_friend-4933We had had so much fun on the days I stayed at your place and when you stayed at mine – the days we kept talking about all the non-sense til early morning, not even late night. Together we had made last year’s Onam celebration a blast. You have a special talent of sweeping away everybody’s mind with your sweet behavior. Wherever you go, you conquer people’s heart and become their pet. 🙂

I never delete your SMSs unless my phone starts screaming that it running out of memory. I always love reading and re-reading our conversation. And a smile flashes on my face from nowhere. 🙂

They say, having kids is like having your heart walk out of your body. That is how I always feel about you – especially when you are sick or when you travel alone late evening.

Not all stand by you through your dark days. But you have always been there for me. You have been there for me in my most desperate times of need. All I had to do was pick up the phone and text you. And you were always there. You know my heart. You have always made me feel like a better person. 🙂 🙂

I may be elder to you, but I can talk to you about anything, and you would understand, and if needed, you would give encouragement/ advice, or some non-judgmental support. You are the one with whom I can tell anything and everything, who can relate me like nobody else, can, who I can laugh with no limits, who can help me with all the problems I have to face. Never have you let me down. You make me smile and laugh when no one else can, and you’re the only one who knows when I’m faking it too. Through smiles and tears, joy and fear, laughter and heartache, achievements and break ups, success and failures, we have stood by each other and I am always proud that we are a part of each other’s life. 🙂

Will-Pick-you-Up-There are so many things I want to say about our relationship that I don’t quite know how to put into words. We don’t talk nearly enough, but I know when I need you, you will always be there because between us, time and distance is meaningless. And somehow, the distance has made me love you more. 🙂

Love you my dear :*


Edited to add: This is my entry for the Soul Sisters contest

6 thoughts on “A letter to my soul sister..

  1. Such a beautiful relationship and a whole book can be written. wish ur sister all the best and she get more strength to be by the side of mom. Relationship do grow from strength-to-strength and from hate to love. Ask me bout it. I wish that ur relationship grow with ur soul sister since distance hardly matter. I also can’ t tell people how much I care and love d’em:)

  2. What should I comment???????????? I’m in tearssssssss…..
    I love you dearr…. For all that you are….. Thank youuuu :* You are to me more than what words can describe…. Loveee uuuuu :* Hugssss :*

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