Of boy hunting..

Yes yes.. You read right. I meant boy hunting only.

Match finding
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My parents, sister and BIL were working on the plan of hunting down a boy for me for quite a while now. My mom throws “hints” in between our casual talks, and I keep shouting at her, No amma, not this soon.. I am not prepared. She immediately hopes to the next topic. That said, we never had a serious discussion on the topic at home.

But my tech savvy amma with some help from my sis managed to create profiles in some of the matrimonial sites.

And she even managed to arrange a professional photographer when I was at home, to get myself photographed so that she can attach my face to my profiles. So I was photographed in various poses, in various dressings, from various angles.. LOL I heard the shutter sound some 50+ times, when he finally gave me a satisfied look.


One evening, my mom received a call from an executive of a matrimonial site. After a brief introduction he got into the topic.

Exe: Madam, is this the right time to talk to you about a new package we are gona offer to Jo?

Amma: Package?? :shock:

Exe: Yes madam, I can explain it to you.

Madam, you tell us the qualifications and qualities you expect for a suitable match for your daughter. We will pick up the profiles that match your requirements and will send a set of profiles weekly.

Amma: :shock: :roll: :shock:

Exe: If you are okay with any of them, we will send it to the boy’s family. If its okay for them as well, we will arrange for the families to meet. And you can have more than one meetings in a day, as per your convenience.

Amma: :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll: :shock:

Exe: And the fees we charge for this was Rs. 21,000. Now we offer this service at a discounted rate of Rs.19,000.

Amma: :roll::roll::roll::roll:(by know her eye balls are about to fall down and her mouth is a perfect O.) Thank you for calling up. I think I better find a match for my daughter myself.

Just imagine 2-3 sets of families coming to meet you in a day.. Is this a hi-tech version of Swayamvara?


Let me tell you, if you wana have a good laugh after a tiring day, just go, browse some matrimony sites. There is so much fun out there.. I assure u 😉

Here is some interesting answers I found in “What I am looking for” column (of the matrimonial site ok)?

  • intelligent, fair, “healthy and well built” girl from a well settled family :shock: how funny?? :roll:
  • A Malayali girl  who is comfortable with Hindi, English and Tamil  *so this guy would probably in the middle of writing a Malayalam- English -Hindi-Tamil dictionary* :roll:
  • I am looking for a girl who can always make me laugh, no matter what. *looking for a wife or a joker??*
  • Should have general knowledge and should know all current affairs. :shock: *no comments*
  • She should be best looking *not even good looking! Damn that Ash got married*
  • She should match with my looks, if not with education.. :shock:

Crazy are their ideas about the partner na??

 :-|****** :-|

A guy with an unmarried sister’s profile read as “My parents and sister are very supportive. I promise my wife will not have any problems from them”


Then there was this guy who introduced himself as, “the only son to rich parents”.. :-|

And yes.. Boy hunting continues.. And so does the interesting profiles..:P


22 thoughts on “Of boy hunting..

  1. You poor girl 🙂
    Marriage is a mega business these days…I think its best to go about it yourself then take help of these bureaus which are out to fleece people.
    Good thing your mom didn’t fall for it 😀
    All the best with the hunt. May you find your partner soon 🙂


  2. Very Nice…you actually took me back 4 years…when I was digging out profiles for my sister. I tell you it’s the most annoying as well as funny stuff. Though the end-result was good. Wait for my side of the story to get published soon. And all the best for your “Boy Hunting”! 🙂

  3. 😆

    Been there, done that 😀

    My two cents – enjoy the ride. The whacko and weirdos will give you full paisa vasool entertainment 😆

    You blogged after so many months Jo, good to see you here 🙂

    1. Haha.. I knew Visha, I knew it.. You ll come up with something about my absence.. Thanks for that dear.. 🙂 Never did I think somebody will be noting down my absence. Then came your comment asking where am I. haha..
      Btw.. I am enjoying this super duper ride dearie. With full on entertainment.. 😛

  4. LOL what all do they look for in their spouse hmmpf!:P
    On a more serious note, when will people stop treating marriage like a business!?!
    Gud luck with the hunt 🙂

  5. Recently one of my nephews came down from abroad and had just such a session as you speak of. Luckily at the third one he saw in that particular day he had found his ‘match’ 😉
    I laughed out loud at your response: the boy must be in the middle of writing a dictionary. You bet! Hahaha.

    1. For a boy coming down from abroad, this hi-tech swayamvaram is soo convenient na?? LOL..

      Haha.. Its crazy to go through what all they want from their partner, i tell u.. Gosh 😛

  6. Sorry Jo! I couldnt help but laugh at some places.. you got me a real break from my un-ending work! Thanks for that 🙂 That said.. whatever the executive guy offered your mom sounds crazy.. but I have heard how these matrimonial sites are making money.. And on the expectations of the guys.. I seriously dont know what to comment! It would be better if they stay bachelors 😀 Nothing would satisfy them. And what is with best looking 😯 Too much I say!

    1. LoL GB.. These guys are crazy. I recently got to know of a girl who fell for this offer and saw 19 possible matches in 3 days. 😮 I wonder how did she remember who said what.. 😐

      Glad that this made u laugh.. 😀 😀

  7. I feel sad that i never got a chance to hv this fun ride… jokes apart…All the best for the roller coaster ride.. Hope u get a person of ur dreams.,
    So glad that ur amma did not fall for the trap..

    1. haha.. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.. 😉
      I feel sad that I have to go through all these and u r sad that u never got a chance.. 😀

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