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Dile Se.. Delhi

I could sense myself moving from Kerala to Delhi –

-when my Airtel sim was receiving Welcome messages from the network of each state—Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, UP West n so on..

-when the boards in railway stations changed from Southern Railways to South Central Railways n then to Central Railways.

– when the greenery of Palakkad was replaced by waste lands, then by wheat farms, mustard farms, industries with tall chimneys  etc..

We reached New Delhi station on a Saturday morning and my uncle was already there to pick us. He stays at Gurgaon. 😉

The journey to Gurgaon from ND station itself was a Delhi mini- city tour. By the time we covered a couple of kilometers, I learned a lot about the city. The city is so fascinating. I felt proud about the capital city. Our first destination was Qutab Minar.

We never missed any opportunity to have the Delhi local food. I couldn’t remember all the names, for I was too busy tasting them. We did a good ‘Google research’ about the city before we packed our bags.

We covered the most we could do in a short span of time. Delhi Haat, Lotus temple, Presidential estate, Parliament, India gate, Rajghat, Veer bhumi, Santhipath, Gandhi Smrithi, Nehru Memorial Museum, Indira Gandhi Memorial, Red Fort, Supreme Court etc n etc…. Due to time constraint, we had to miss out a ride in Delhi Metro and Akshadham.

I was so amazed by the greenery of the city. I had to admit that the city has a green belt much much wider than the towns of Kerala. New Delhi is kept so neat and clean with trees and greenery all around. We were blessed to get the shower as well. So sight seeing was a pleasure. We found time to walk through the city, watching people feeling the breeze.

Another very interesting thing I found about the city is the sign board displayed all across the city indicating the name of the road, which is very helpful to the new faces in Delhi.

Within 24 hours from stepping down in the city, I had to laugh at my own weird thoughts about the city. Let me tell you, my knowledge in Hindi is just limited to “Mujko Hindi nahi maloo”.

 Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!!

I felt like writing down a book, “The confessions of a Malayali girl about Delhi”. To point out a few here:

  • I understand that all Delhi people are not Gundas/ Dadas. 😉
  • I understand that Bhayya is a perfect word to address anybody. 😉
  • I understand the main city is maintained very neatly and is not a very polluted one.
  • I understand that not every girl walking through the city is raped / kidnapped. 😉
  • I understand that Gurgaon and Gurgaavu are just one and the same. 😉

We spent a whole day for shopping, covering Sarojini Nagar market, Palika Bazar, Connaught Place etc.

We spent a day in Jaipur and another in Agra, covering lot of historical monuments in the cities and Taj Mahal, in particular. The Jaipur – Agra 2 day tour was organized by Panickers travels. We were so comfortable with them. I strongly recommend Panickers to anybody who is planning for a city tour. They provide separate guides for each destination. The hotels they choose for food and accommodation are also hygienic and up-to-the-standard ones.

By the end of the vacation, my Hindi vocabulary improved to, Bhaiyya yeh dikavo. Ooper vala, Neeche vala. Nahi chahiye. Doosara colour dikahao.

Tell me friends, am I not smart?? 😉 😉 😉

PS: The above observations are from my personal view point and is in no way intended to hurt anybody.


6 thoughts on “Dile Se.. Delhi

  1. I too want to go to Delhi sometime. Even though the movie Delhi-6 was hopeless, the Old Delhi shown in that movie was fabulous. But I guess we can’t go to Delhi during Summers and Winters, due to extreme temperatures. I am also afraid of the food. The mustard oil used to cook in the NI doesn’t suit me. Perhaps it’s better to go as a part of a tourist package from the South. If they provide South Indian meals, that is.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Its a must visit place. Regarding the food.. its not very easy for South Indians to cope with..

      And yes! We joined Panickers travels (Kerala based) from Delhi, for the Jaipur-Agra trip. And they stopped for food only at South Indian hotels.

      But dont forget to taste the Delhi junks. 🙂

    1. Haha.. I think that stands true in everybody’s case. Just like the saying, A wise man to the rest of the world, but a nobody at home. We dont find time to admire what is within our reach, hey na? I haven’t seen many a places in Kerala, my hometown – which tops the holiday spots in all the tourism sites. 🙂

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