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Getting touristy..

Didn’t I tell u life has changed so much since my sister’s marriage?? Hmm.. My bro-in-law synced with our family within days after their engagement. He is a person who loves picnicing. Atleast one family trip in a year became an unwritten rule since their wedding. And this time we have chosen Delhi! DELHI! Yes.. Delhi had been on our list for quite some time now. And this time we thought of going for it!! This is my first trip to North. I never crossed the South u know! Hyderabad was my limit. Kerala-Hyderabad-Banglore-Chennai – This is what India meant to me.

Now here we go – to the capital city..

Yes! Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, the little Bhaavi n myself.

Leave sanctioned!

Tickets booked!

Bags packed!

Am all thrilled.. 😀 😀 I don’t have words to describe my ecstasy.


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